Joaquín Ivars is a Non-disciplinary visual artist, university lecturer, writer and researcher on the relationship between art, science, thought and society.

From the early nineties to the present day, his theoretical-practical activity in the visual arts field has been developed through a process in which thought, life and artistic production are intertwined in a non-disciplinary way. “Non-disciplinarity” is a way of speaking, a kind of neologism, of something that goes beyond conventional disciplines – neither «inter», «trans», nor «post». NON-DISCIPLINARITY: that which does not conform to any discipline nor submit to the disciplinary divides of the so-called real world. His work is grounded in a complex reason rather than an instrumental reason, trying to articulate multiplicity and diversity of ideas, artworks and mediums.

He has carried out his work principally through different fields of research and active listening: art, science, thought and society, and through different mechanisms and techniques of artistic construction (installation, photography, video, films, drawing, painting, storytelling, essay, sculpture, interventions, action arts, among others). Through the use of a range of devices – ideas and materials – he evolves, in an intercalary, open and porous way, extensive and intensive lines that seek to understand the complexity that traverses and accommodates us, in a constant attempt to erase cognitive limits – as fictitious as they are contingent – or, at least, trying to render them more diffuse than usual, and how they are inherited from this or that power or area of influence. And so – performing this process with conscious awareness of what it means from the very beginning – he endeavors not to seek refuge under any disciplinary, thematic or methodological umbrella or social protection, thereby avoiding, as far as possible, adherence to this or that group of power or interest (whether it be intellectual, ideological, mercantile, or social, etc.).